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What are the fabrics made of? Are the fabrics organic, sustainable and eco-friendly?

At Royal Codes, we're committed to producing high-quality, eco-friendly products that are both beautiful and comfortable to wear. Our signature fabric is a plant viscose and spandex blend that is incredibly soft, stretchy, and comfortable. It feels l

I got my Codes stained. What should I use to clean it?

We're sorry to hear that your Codes have been stained. For the best results, we recommend washing your garment with OxiClean (sodium percarbonate) in warm water. OxiClean is a powerful stain remover that can effectively tackle even the toughest stain

Do the brass armulets/accessories tarnish?

Thank you for your interest in our brass armulets and accessories. Our ceramic-coated brass armulets are designed to be durable and long-lasting, with minimal risk of tarnishing or leaving marks on your skin. Hartwell, our founder, has been wearing t

Is the size of the armulet adjustable?

Yes, the armulet is adjustable by +/- 1cm.

Is the white fabric somewhat see-through?

White fabric tends to be always a little bit more translucent than any of the other colors. We recommend wearing tan undergarments to blend in.